Hadalis Studios

Nea Roda, Halkidiki, Greece

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The “HADALIS STUDIOS” is a Studio-Apartment complex for the accommodation of 2 to 5 persons. 

It is located on the beach of N.RODA village of CHALKIDIKI.

Each studio is fully furnished and equipped with its own WC & shower facilities, all electric appliances, air conditioning, telephone, TV and basic kitchen facilities. 

Keeping the apartment complex as basis, the guest may visit the historical monastir state of Mount Athos, Staghira (Aristoteles hometown), or the beautiful island of Ammouliani.

The guests will have the opportunity to enjoy the sun and the clear blue sea and to taste the delicious fresh fish.

It is situated in Nea Roda of Halkidiki next to the beach. They are suitable not only for families but for everyone who wants to escape from the boring workaday life and savour the sevenity of the nature.



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